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Many people are animal lovers and want to keep their furry friends in the house and keep them close; this generally works well until we reach the problem of how to remove pet stains from carpet. Animals differ from humans in many ways which include eating, cleaning and going to the toilet. These are all ways in which our carpets and furniture can receive lasting and difficult stains. Urine stains are the most common and problematic of these and can cause distress for man pet owners when they can’t seem to find a solution which can stop the urinating or clean up the stains and odors properly. In this article there are some tips to get pet stains and smell out of carpet.

Even the most well trained dog can sometimes have an ‘accident’ in the house and it is important to make sure that you take care of the problem as quickly as possible and know how to take care of it in the best way possible so that the stain does not worsen and the carpet is kept fresh and clean. The first thing to do is to take away as much of the liquid or solid particles as possible with tissue or a damp cloth.

Blotting is much better than scrubbing or rubbing as this will help to stop the stain being ingrained further into the fabric. Once you have the stain as dry as you are able it is time to apply a good enzyme cleaner to the area, these cleaners are specially designed for pet stains and the odors, though you can use another household solution which is used for cleaning carpet stain.

Once you have applied this commercial cleaner, you should spray the area alternately with a solution of detergent and water and a solution of vinegar and water. These two solutions will help to combat the stain and the odor which will arise from a pet stain in the home. After spraying the detergent solution, blotting the stain is needed to get the mixture into the fibers, though make sure to only blot and not rub the area where the stain is located. The vinegar based solution will help to sanitize the area and remove any bacteria and odor from the stain.

Many people want to know about how remove pet stains from carpets once they have dried and been there a while. The best way to accomplish this is to acquire the use of one of the many commercial carpet cleaning machines. These are generally available for hire so that you can use them without having to purchase an entire kit for your home. The steam cleaners work on stains that have been there for a long time and are dried into the fibers.

No matter which method you choose on how to remove pet stains from carpet, you will find that is possible and can be very easy and stress free if done in the correct way, allowing humans to have their furry friends living in harmony with then in their homes. For more info about how to remove pet stains, contact a Carpet Cleaning Sydney company.

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