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The following are some of the tips on natural garden pest control:

Go for a natural garden pest control method

Rabbits, ants, and slugs are rather peaceful animals, unless of course they are intentionally provoked. Instead of going for the chemical-based solutions, try to ward these pests off with the use of garden pest repeller. Sometimes this is as simple as planting a plant they don't like in proximity to one they do.

Create traps and barriers

Since many garden pests are relatively large animals, traps and fences will help. Try to build a good strong fence around your garden. Remember to bury the wire at least a foot in the ground with the mush bent at opposing angles to discourage burrowing animals like groundhogs.

Use the biological method

To get rid of the smaller pests, you can, for instance, introduce dragonflies or lady bugs into your garden. If you're plagued with raccoons or rabbits, find a bottle of red fox urine from the local feed store. Sprinkle the urine on the periphery of your garden. The raccoons and rabbits will sense a predator and avoid the area.

Consider organic garden pest control methods

Some organic garden pest control solutions can keep your garden plants as healthy as possible. You can spray aphids, which are small garden pests, with organic insecticide soaps.

The use chemical sprays

Examples of chemical sprays are horticultural oils and dehydrating dusts. Horticultural oils are made up of refined petroleum oils which repel the insects when sprayed on the plants. Dehydrating dusts, on the other hand, have the ability to dry insects out. Pesticides also fall under this category. But when you buy them, ensure that the solutions are made specifically for the pests you are targeting.

Lawn and garden pesticides should be used only with extreme caution. The chemicals they contain can damage a person's nervous system. Glyphosate, which is also a form of chemical pesticide, can cause eye irritation and diarrhea. Diazinon can cause abdominal cramps, blurred vision, vomiting, headaches, and slurred speech. Also, garden pesticides can drift and harm animals or children. Always consider safety when you use garden chemicals.

The process of identifying garden pests you should eliminate should be done carefully, as some insects are beneficial. Once you know which pests are and which are not, implement the best method for keeping them away from your garden. Garden pest control in Melbourne may not be easy, considering the many species you will surely encounter outdoors, but it can be done.

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