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MONDAY, JULY 15, 2019
An often successful termite prevention method is termite bait with which termite control chemicals are used to lure termites into traps (called stations) positioned in the soil around your home.


This technique is used for Dry wood termites. Fumigation method will kill any insects located under the "tent" placed on the area of soil that is being treated. The fumigation method is effective but leaves no active residue so the treatment should be repeated to catch those termites that have settled into the soil.

What is liquid termiticides treatment?

With liquid treatment the soil under and around an infested house is treated with a liquid termiticides spray to form a chemical barrier to stop termites from munching away at the building. This method can also be used with existing buildings. Holes will be drilled into the foundation of a home to apply the termiticides.

The Termite Baiting Process

Termite baits are a series of "stations" often made out of plastic, containing a space where termites are collected and a capsule with a deadly poison kills them. The stations are positioned in the soil (where termites live) around and close to your home. These stations have to be checked regularly for termite identification and to see if any termites have been caught. This is one of the most helpful termite control products.

Termite Baits and Termite Barriers Compared

Termite baits work well with an existing termite problem whereas termite barriers can be used as a preventative method to keep termites away from a structure. In areas where termite infestations are common, this method may be employed as part of the construction process. It is also effective when termites have been detected in an ancillary building, such as a shed, and the goal is to prevent them from migrating to the main structure.

Can you perform these treatments yourself?

You can install baits yourself but generally speaking the help of a Melbourne pest control professional is needed if you suspect that you might be dealing with a severe termite problem and damage is being done to your building.

Termite Control Products

Examples of some of the most popular termite control products include:

Timbor Insecticide and Fungicide

This is a powder that can be applied to wood as a dust or liquid. The chemicals in the product will not break down and will continue to protect your wood from being attacked or eaten by a multitude of different wood-eating creatures.

Advance Termite Bait Cartridge

A bait cartridge is a station containing the preferred type of wood that the termites are attacking in your specific situation. These stations are placed in the soil around your home and termites are killed with a poison also located in the cartridge. This is a very popular type of termite control next to other alternative termite treatment products.

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