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Normally, cockroaches tend to turn out to be pests in homes, schools and even in restaurants. They can be found basically in any structure that contains food especially storage areas. This leads to contamination of food, destruction of fabric, stains and unpleasant smell on any surface that they come into contact with. Many people are unsatisfied and grossed out when they happen to trace cockroaches in their households. Some of these cockroaches may spread a bacterium that causes food poisoning while others transmit disease causing organisms onto the food. The number of cockroaches in the house largely depends on the sanitary conditions and housing deterioration/decay.

How to Manage Cockroaches

Cockroach management is not as easy as it sounds. As suggested by professional Pest Control Sydney. The first step is to find out their spot. If you want to manage cockroaches successfully, you need to locate all the dark and hiding spots. Most cockroaches prefer warm hiding places. However, some locations may be pretty hard to get to. Another essential step is to ensure that food and water is scarce. If these cockroaches have constant access to food, then cockroach management will be next to impossible. The major factor to controlling cockroach infestation is sanitation. Additionally, setting up baits can be effective. Cockroaches have a high probability to re-invade if the habitat has the right conditions. These conditions that encourage cockroach infestation should be changed immediately.

Monitor Cockroach Populations in your House

1. Traps

It is advisable to place traps in several parts of the house and to regularly inspect them. This enables you to recognize the areas that have the largest cockroach invasion and know where to focus on. These traps are helpful when it comes to evaluating the efficiency of the control strategies. You can purchase a retail cockroach sticky trap as well. The best locations to place these traps are on floors and walls especially in the kitchen area. Good monitoring locations can be identified by accumulation of small dark feces or eggs. Always make sure to number the traps in order to keep track of each trap separately.

2. Other Tracking Methods

Another method of tracking cockroach invasion is by use of a flashlight to check through cracks on walls, under the counters and in other numerous dark areas. In hard to see parts, a small mirror with a long handle can come in handy.

Improvement of Sanitation in the House

Usually, Cockroaches do well where food and water are available. This is why every person should follow the following strict sanitation measures:

1. Ensure that garbage containers and trash cans are enclosed with a tight-fitting lid/cover. Keep the garbage away from doorways or entrances.

2. Store food in containers such as resalable plastic containers that prevent any cockroach penetration

3. Remove leaking plumbs and rectify other open sources. Also, raise the ventilation if an area has a condensation problem.

4. Clean cracks in order to remove any food and debris. In case of any spillage on a surface, cleaning should be done immediately.

Removal of Hiding Places

Cockroaches hide around stoves, water heaters, and in cupboard crack during the day. However, at night they invade the kitchen and other areas. You can make a homemade roach killer- a natural way to remove roaches The most effective way to get rid cockroach of them is to limit their hiding areas. Prevent easy access to the inside of cupboards, cracks and under doors.

Chemical Control

Combining sanitation, exclusion practices and insecticides is the most efficient way of pesticide control. These three methods help to minimize the cockroach’s ability to settle or to re-invade. Note that use of only chemical control will not be effective enough. Always use insecticides cautiously and carefully. Generally, indoor chemical control is only allowable if the cockroach population is big.


Some of these home remedies can kill a couple of cockroaches but they do not guarantee that the cockroaches will not re-invade. This is why it is advisable to hire the services of a Pest Control Melbourne professional company. Their vast knowledge, skills, experience and resources will eliminate cockroach infestation from your household for good.

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