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FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2016
I merged my car infront of her,
A beautiful "her,"
splendid and intricate
but a "her" with whom,
I could not communicate.

I set my rear-wiper to wave hello.
Alas, perhaps it was the rain,
or because my wave was boring -
yet my windshield-wiper-wave, it seemed,
my angel was ignoring.

I tapped firmly upon my breaks -
like the delicate, steady feet,
pressing grapes in a French winery.
I whispered her sweet nothings,
in loving Break-light Binary.

A response came from her horn,
sounding strangely unimpressed,
annoyed, and undelighted.
A honking horn to inform:
My love was unrequited.

Though I stopped my break taps,
her horn still persisted.
Speeding down the road,
her blasts, both short and long,
her honking in Morse code.

Yet, Morse was not my forté,
and the message went undecoded,
And so, in vain, I replied.
Resuming my binary breaking,
my sweet nothings were retried.

Racing down the highway,
blinking binary breaks,
honkings, short and long.
and my heavy beating heart,
beating out this strange love song,

Pulling me from the wreckage,
I knew not what to say,
So peculiar was my story
of a beautiful Morse code girl,
who died in a flame of glory.



I don't think this will beat your Utilitarian love poem with the geeks but prove me wrong.
REPLIES: alishahnovin



Replying to Alamir:
It's got a flame of glory... 'nuff said.



That...was... AWESOME! That was the single greatest poem I've ever read! It took the essence of "Utilitarian love poem," making a love poem impersonal with odd terminology (or something to taht effect) and made loong, it was hilarious and philosophical and sad. I laughed, I cried, I pondered. It was unexpected and wonderful! I LOVE IT! Good lord, If I were half the poet you are, I would convert to a new religion to worship myself! Ok, maybe not that intense. That's Darn good writin' tex.

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