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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
iPhone - Sleak design, but no copy&paste;
iPhones - the phone that made people excited about phones again. Everywhere I look, someone's either talking on their iPhone, talking about iPhones, reading about iPhones, or using their Motorolla Razr and wishing they had an iPhone. (Yes... I see wishes)

I admit, the iPhone is impressive. If anything, I can base this on the smiles of the people who have an iPhone. They look like people in advertisements who look so ridiculously happy to be drinking a brand of Soda, or wearing a particular kind of clothing. Yet these people aren't in ads... they're just that happy about their iPhones - despite that even with the new iPhone 3Gs, there is still the one core feature that Apple has skipped on. Cut, Copy&Paste.;

All other advanced phones have this extremely basic feature. I can't figure out why the iPhone wouldn't have it. It definitely has the memory. It could easily support it using some kind of gesture with the fingers. But one of the most important reasons why it needs a cut/copy and paste feature is because without it means having to delete, and retyping all over again, smudging up that ever glossy screen.

Apple is known for compromising simplicity and design for functionality quite often. For example, it's a lot harder to modify the internals of your iBook, MacBook, or any of their desktops. They do that for you. But at the same time, they look very nice, and built in. Much better than the lego-looking PCs we other people use. Another example is Apple HQ itself... with the Infinite Loop being very simple in design, but isn't always practical if you have to go from one end of the loop to the other. Distance is shortest if travelled in a straight line, not going around a curve.

But Apple isn't simplifying or improving its design by not having a copy and paste. It's just... not doing it. I just find that so odd. On AppleInsider writes that "one developer burning the midnight oil has stumbled upon references to copy and paste in the frameworks of Apple's first beta of iPhone Software 2.1, potentially offering new hope for one of the most requested and conspicuously absent features of the company's mobile software."

More bizarre is that this most requested feature has not, and was never on the iPhone. But most peculiar of all is what else is written on Apple Insider:

"When asked earlier this month about the absence of copy and paste functionality in the iPhone software, Apple vice president of product marketing Greg Woswiak said the feature was not a priority and that engineers simply hadn't gotten around to it yet."

It's just bewildering to me. I can't even fathom why this feature was never in place. I was hoping to write an article offering theories as to why it's not there but no reasons come to me.

My only conclusions can be two things: There will be much fanfare, and joy amongst the people of the land, when Apple introducts the iCut, iCopy and iPaste feature... and, that there customers are already to blissfully happy to really need a copy and paste.

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