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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
Why are you all signing petitions to save the CBC during an economic crisis? Let me state my bias, as a regular listener of CBC Radio and viewer of CBC television it's sad to see the CBC make cuts to its programming. Yet, I still see no reason to sign a petition. Take for example one of the biggest petitions I've been asked to sign: The Avaaz Organization's Petition. Both Avaaz and the CBC are great sources of media but their petition is questionable. No where in the petition does it say how it wants the government to help the CBC out other than it providing some form of a bridge loan and no conditions on the bridge loan exist.

Secondly, nowhere on the petition does it make mention that CBC is a crown corporation run by executives who are still accepting 50% of their bonuses on top of their million dollar salaries. And rather than reducing such bonuses to save jobs they choose to save their gifts and presents.

Who's to say that a bridge loan from the government won't be used by execs to simply bring their salaries back up to 100% of bonuses before actually hiring anyone? And even if such a bridge loan were to do that (which the petition doesn't call for but let's assume they did amend that) wouldn't Canadians be better suited to object against the CEO's greed in keeping bonuses on top of salaries? No, we're too Canadian for that.. Let's sign a poorly constructed petition with NO conditions and demand the government to use our current tax dollars to support a man with about a $350,000 salary. Hubert Lacroix, the President and CEO of CBC makes around $322 200 ‑ $379 100 a year. The CBC itself, generates about a billion and a half dollars a year! According to their 2007-2008 Annual Report, the "total funds available to CBC | Radio‑Canada for operations in 2007–2008 amounted to $1.6 billion, of which $1.0 billion came from the Parliamentary operating appropriation." (Source).

What petitions should be doing, as I mentioned, is asking for better management of resources. That means telling the President and CEO Hubert Lacroix to not give out any bonuses. And if people still insist on a bridge loan, put some conditions in that petition for clarity. That's a petition I can sign. Let's save the CBC, but let's do it the right way.



This isn't GMC we're talking about here, it is the CBC. Lacroix already said that executive compensation is cut by 20%. Reports I've read said exec salaries were frozen and bonus cut... now who know if these facts are true, but they're at least current, unlike your source that was dated over a year ago (before the recession!!). It did however mention that the usual 60 mil salary inflation funding wasn't approved in 07/08 and since then over 800 jobs have been cut. Sure the gov hands out the $1.0 billion but it also generates about $600 million in commercial activities and employs around 9850 people.
I think you're totally entitled to your opinion Alamir, but shutting down a petition is petty.



Replying to Sorrel:
All my sources are the most current ones that have been given directly by the CBC itself. If you have anything more current please do share rather than claiming that you do. There is no Annual Income release for 2008-2009 yet so I don't see how you could. The 50% cut is from the CBC itself from yesterday, if you have something that says it's all been cut then please share that too, otherwise my source still stands. And freezing a salary of $300,000 during a recession and at the cost of firings is nothing to boast about.

And the true "pettiness", to use your adjective, is in the petition which unconditionally loans money to an executive team which has explicitly shown they are determined to hold onto their Bonuses. In America, they did the same thing with AIG and although the context is different the punishment will be the same. The following video is what Chomsky had to say about the AIG executives, why is it so hard to believe that the CBC executives are much different from any other ones in the world? The contextual difference is that the CBC is a crown corporation and therefore we, the people, should have more ownership over its actions. A proper petition, which I can support, is one that sets stronger conditions on such actions.
Chomsky on AIG

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