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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
Dedicated to Bill Nye who taught me the fun of debunking myths back in grade 3.
After I made a list of 7 Scientific Myths people asked me to create some more. Hogan wrote: "As much as I enjoyed your tearing down the easy strawmen-like "scientific myths" (like the sneezing and 5-second rule ones) I think it would be more interesting to address the common misconceptions about real science, the kind that do violence to legitimate scientific claims."

Well there's a lot of material to draw from, so I decided to keep my focus on "The Creation."

Myth 1: "Our world is not flat." This is a myth, the truth is that the world is flat. It's the Earth itself that is not flat. But since our "world" can include everything that surrounds us, it includes our entire universe. And our universe is flat. The expansion of the universe has been so great that it's geometrically become flat. There is some good proof to the flatness such as this experiment:

Myth 2: Oh and while we're at it, we might as well stop claiming that "people use to think the world was flat." Unless we're talking about people that are much older than the great Greek philosophers from 500 BC such as Pythagoras, the educated didn't think the world was flat. Some people did, and the theory was popularized by certain people in power... but they shouldn't count as the "intelligent" masses (i.e there are people that are in power today that don't believe in "Evolution" despite its overwhelming evidence and they don't represent the intellectual norm.)

Myth 3: Humans came from Neanderthals. No we didn't. Neanderthals are a separate species from Humans, Homo sapiens. Although, there is a possibility of some interbreeding between Humans and Neanderthals, recently scientists have doubted interbreeding.

Myth 4: Humans came from apes. Not really. This myth has came from the ambiguity on the definition of an "ape." The definition is just not a suitable term in describing taxonomy and scientists sometimes include or exclude humans as an "ape" which causes further confusion. Modern apes are not the ancestors of humans, they are merely our kin. For example, Chimpanzees and Humans have a common ancestor but that ancestor is almost 5-7 million years old and doesn't resemble a modern ape nor a modern human.

Myth 5: The end of the universe will involve it imploding on itself. Scientists used to believe that our universe will eventually collapse back, like a reverse-big-bang, but not anymore. As the universe expands, dark energy, which dominates the universe, is repelling all matter thus our world should just keep expanding....forever...

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