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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011



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You can turn your PDA into a remote control with Linux or Windows, if you're a windows user just skip the steps that I label for windows.

So I thought I'd see what was the quickest way to make myself a remote control for my Linux desktop without too much hacking. I think I found an easy way but I bet there's easier ones out there that I just haven't come across and would really like some other suggestions...but here's what I did:

Demonstration of Remote Control

For Linux:

The first thing you have to do is sync your PDA with your Linux desktop. I use Windows Mobile so I found that the best option for me was using SynCE. You can download it here: If you need instructions on how to set it up, I suggest using their Wiki or your distro's forums.

For Linux:

Next, you need Wine. Most people have it already but if you don't you can download a copy here:

For Windows and Linux users:

Now the main program I used was called Pebbles and you can get that here:

Now extract it, and run the .exe ...if you're a linux user, Wine should be able to do it.

Again, make sure your PDA is in sync. Then open the "pebbles" folder and click on either the Palm or Windows folder, whichever applies to your OS.

For Palm:

install the desired .prc file and install.

Windows Mobile:

Now if your PDA runs on Windows mobile you'll have to run "WinCERemoteCommanderInstaller.exe" You may also want to run "WinCEShortcutterInstaller.exe" which allows you to draw your own GUI panel for Remote controller functions.
Make sure to say "Yes" on your PDA.

Open the Pebbles application from your PDA while still in sync, and you have yourself a remote control.



Could you put the list of the soft you used ? for exemple, I didn't know of GIMP you mentioned several times and poked around a bit before finding it on Google/Ubuntu.

Otherwise, very good stuff

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