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About WordArc

Does the world need another social-networking or blogging site? No it does not.

What is WordArc
Rather than telling you what WordArc offers, perhaps in an environment that's saturated with blogging communities it'd be better to define ourselves through negation. Most users know what the terms “blogging” and “networking” entail, so how does WordArc make itself any different from these other sites?

How WordArc is Different
WordArc is neither a blogging site nor a social networking site because it strives to be neither. And it will dissociate ourselves from each of these types of site, respectively. Blogs, as great as some are, tend to move towards something called “micro-blogging.” Micro-blogging is observable in sites such as Twitter, where brief limited messages are passed back and forth without much depth behind each message. WordArc, on the other hand, appreciates well-worded analysis. So while the message “Lisa luvs her new tattoo!!!” may suffice on Tweeter, we'd prefer a title such as “Basic Advice to Achieve a Satisfying Tattoo” followed by Lisa's personal research in the area written in paragraph form. We have nothing against blog sites like Tweeter, it's just that we want to establish that we are in no way competing with them. So if you still prefer the style of Lisa's former message on her tattoo then we'd suggest you visit However, if you preferred the latter message then please continue reading. You may be asking how will WordArc ensure that they'll only focus on well written messages? What if you didn't think either topics on Lisa's tattoo were interesting?

How WordArc ranks quality entries
The old proverb “Dog bites man is not news, man bites dog is news” seems to have been lost in the blogging world. It seems that “dog bites man” is a good enough headline for many bloggers. At WordArc it isn't and that's why we introduced the Arc-system. If most of the readers of WordArc believe a message or entry is worth giving attention to then they can simply press our blue button title “Arc” and the message will gradually raise in the ranks compared to other entries and become more prominent on the site. Our algorithm for judging an entry is simple and can be graphed as an arc, roughly it looks like this: Number of votes/ Date of Entry. So interesting reads are sorted socially and democratically. If you still like reading about dog-bites and other mundane daily occurrences then we'd recommend a site such as However, if you're interested in peer-reviewed entertainment then please continue reading. You're probably wondering: “Peer-reviewed and democratically rated? How is this not going to end up as a social network?”

How WordArc's community operates
Social networks tend to be obsessed with gathering every single one of your friends together. We only care about friends if they can write well, read critically, or analyze logically. There's little incentive to have the most friends from different networks on WordArc, unless they're also talented writers. That being said, we do allow you to network with your friends so that you may release entries intended only for them. We also allow members to become “fans” of other writers that they can be alerted when the writer make posts, without the pressure of having to become full-fledged friends...while still retaining the possibility of developing later. While this may be misinterpreted as being anti-social by some, it's actually a lot more personal. For example, do you think an entry entitled “Why the Special Olympics should be given more media attention” by Lisa is revealing about her or a short list of Lisa's favorite sports? If you prefer the latter biography then we'd suggest a site such as or However, if you think Lisa's entry was more revealing then you're the perfect candidate to participate on WordArc. WordArc is actively seeking members who think similarly to you and does not engage in watering down communication-methods, with chats and memes, in order to achieve a massive demographic. As we mentioned in our opening statement, we don't need any more of those sites. Do you need any other reason to try out WordArc?

How we differ in issues of security and privacy
We saved the best and most serious reason to join WordArc, for last. So we will be simple and blunt:

  1. We don't parse any private messages nor sell any information to third parties.
  2. We don't steal rights to your entries. You own what you write.

Who is behind WordArc
WordArc is the idea of two brothers with remarkably different tastes, views, and approaches. Despite our often conflicting opinions, we managed to make progress and purely because we strongly believe in WordArc and what it can offer. It is the brainchild of Alamir Novin, the older of the two. Alamir took the role of project manager, creating the overall outline and vision of WordArc. What it is, how it looks, and how it works are all credited to Alamir, who wanted to provide a unique yet usable website, that focuses on the quality of the users' work. The younger brother, Alishah Novin, took the role of developer, making Alamir's vision into a reality. RTDDS was sideproject of Alishah's that he then incorporated into WordArc after it was realized that both the Debate system and WordArc share a similar underlying philosophy.

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