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THURSDAY, MAY 05, 2016
Alamir. I am writing as if this is your wall.... or maybe more like a message in a bottle, because I feel like the mighty wordarc has been left abandoned and might as well be a platform for exchanging banalities.

Just so you know: I remembered my password and sign in after 6 years since I last posted.

Also... Just so you know: I've never saved anything I've written, so wordarc has the original and ONLY copy of poetry by Sorrel.

And as a last note (directly inspired by the last note posted), I'm all for reviews of random products, but I strongly discourage any parent from letting their infant play with apps, ABC or other. Children develop through their senses, and you can't put an app in your mouth. No actual blocks means no development of stereognosis.
And we can't have that!




You're the best. And you're 100% correct.

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