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MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016
(A french classroom)

Me: Well, what do you think chèvre means? It says fromage de chèvre.
Student: well, fromage is cheese.
Me: Ya. And what would chèvre mean?
Student: Like, an animal?
Me: Totally. What kind, though
Student: Cows make cheese! (excited)
Me: They do. But cow is vache, en francais...
Student: Is it a pig?
Me: Closer. Well, not really. Closer in size, I suppose. Pig is cochon...
Student: FROG!!! (really excited)
Me: Ok. Hold on. Frog is grenouille. First, it's something that gives milk, right. Here's a hint, we have lots of them around here...
Student: Bear. Yeah, bear!
Me: Bear milk?
Student: ... (blushing)
Me: What do we have here in the mountains?
Student: Goats?
Me: Yay (excited)
Students: Ya, well, goats aren't really animals. Not really

I may be extrapolating a little too much from Scott's article, but sometimes students are pretty stupid. And not just the young ones. University st...

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