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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
I was sitting in my apartment the other day, considering all the web resources I have been exposed to in my I.T. class. I allowed this thought to freely intermingle with the outrage I had been feeling ever since I heard that some textbook companies require school districts to buy actual paper books (read murdered trees) in order to use online copies of those texts.

So this got me thinking...

Why not really stick it to them and just ditch textbooks all together? If you slip into your Self Contained, Internal Time Travel Laboratory (SCITTL) - also called your imaginative memory - you can likely construct a counter factual but true memory of reading something outrageously incorrect about some racial minority or another in one of your high school texts. Here in Canada, our education system is responsible for some pretty disgraceful misinformation about the first nations people of this land. Sure I am too young to recall reading in a text book that "Indians are Savages, who benefit from their civilized partnership with Whites", but that doesn't mean I can't imagine that there was once a text book that said that.

Allright, so now I have some righteous indignation to fuel me! Since our old textbooks used to be filled with lies (my thought experiment in the SCITTL proves this), what is the harm in using online resources as primary teaching material. People scream and moan that Wikipedia is not 100% reliable, but it is certainly more reliable than the ten year old atlases at my old highschool, which do not have Nunavut marked on them (Nunavut, Canada's third Territory, is located on the land that was once the eastern half of the North West Territories; the name means "Our Land" in Inuktitut).

If unreliability is the only critique of online resources, then hell, what are we waiting for. Frankly, I think slightly unreliable resources are the best kind because - GET THIS, EDUCATORS - out jobs at teachers is NOT to teach children what to think (ie, that Indians are Savages) but rather HOW to think (ie, who wrote this chapter on natives, and how many slaves does he own).

If web resources become the primary source of teaching material in the classroom, then teachers will automatically have to teach children to consider veracity, verify authority and, in short, think critically!

Now I have to go. I just read somewhere that a meteor is speeding towards earth, and I need this little gadget off of Craigslist to survive the impact. I think the article is on Wikipedia somewhere.

actually, here.


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