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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
Darkness is a wreath hanged on an impotent nail
just strong enough to support a noose
If He had a form He would wriggle

Whatever it is that closes in around me presently is far past
Shadow has no immediate feelings

draining the way we recover ourselves
pursuing our freedom and salvaging it from exposure
only to ransom it back to us again

I paid the price and found the balance of my account
It was crying
Why am I a principle and not a principle
what is it to be Value?
is Wealth wealthy?

In the shadowy world of the forms, are there happy people?
is Happiness happy?

Is the form of Shadow illuminated?
How could we see with our eyes bound
back in the cave

Impotence is Darkness with a wreath hanging from His impotent nail



Hey this one made sense! What an improvement an hour makes!



Maybe I actually wrote this one...

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