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TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016
You belong with the mice and water
In the sewers of my mind
I think we should take a break and...
I think you should die

{I’m not fit for this modern era
You just wanna be a renaissance man
You just wanna fuck the world
And I subscribe to the Freudian}

You don’t get
Any of my jokes
You want
The girl that chokes
You say I’m the best thing
If I’m the best thing
Then why is it

You pretend you’re not the fodder
You mention her too much
I think I’m overstretched and...
I think it’s from your clutch

I buy you
I make you
You say I’m the real deal
If I’m the real deal
Then why did you

You belong with the snakes and worms
In the apple of my eye
I think we should make some plans and...
I think we should try

{If Marx and Engels made gay babies
We’d be twins like speak and spake
I’m like Cane and you’re like Abel
You’re much better when you’re baked}

You don’t hold me
Way too close
You get cum on
All of my clothes
You say I’m beautiful
If I’m beautiful
Then why are your
eyes closed?

I belong with the memorabilia
Inside your top drawer
You think that I’m your girl and...
I think that you’re a chore

{I wanna keep you in so you can’t hide
But all I see is your wondering eye
I bit the apple but you’re the snake
You live in a totalitarian state}

I don’t trust that
You’ll be there
I don’t wanna trim
Down there
I say that you’re the one
If you are the one
Then why don’t it

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