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TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016
How. often. do you. have to. grind. into me. without me. realizing. you would be. a good. lover. I’m getting gang-banged by my past and you just want to smear my lipstick in order to imprint yourself with the night. I wanna fuck your tailbone. Screw your labia, show me your tibia. Jump on the bandwagon, do MDMA. Oh wait, you’ve already jumped off. You hitched a ride and got a 9mm. stuck up to your head. Cocked. Loaded? Bang, bang, how much longer until you are dead. I smell coke and perfume in your handkerchief. Smudged lipstick from the full metal mouth and more metal into my nose. Do i blow? Do you blow? Blow? I got into the woods. I ripped open the car door. Screaming. Sketched. You’re just a taxi driver. But. Where. The. Fuck. Is. First? Take the full fare. I can run from here. Do I dare run in this rain. In these shoes. I saw you. I stumbled across Main and my heart would have raced if I'd've asked you to kiss me. Where does your jean jacket hail from and .I. can I wake up inside it? You have pretty film. You’re hip. I like that. Is there irony anymore in the words I say or am I actually denying the world(word) that I like it. I like it. legitimately. This is ricockulous, you, making a circle with the thumb and index finger of your left hand and pointing the index of your right through it. shoving it. you raise your eyebrows and mouth “this is going to happen” as you sit next to your girl and she pretends not to notice. Pink Mountaintops and music to make love to your old lady by. I put my leg behind my head. You sat between me and her. You said you couldn’t because your body was made for thrusting. Mine. is. meant. to. be. thrust. into. Thurst into me. If we kissed would I feel worms in my stomach. Does the heartbeat travel. why do i feel more blood in my womb. Connect me at my gash. I wanna be your cock superstar. Why do you(I) bother if she doesn’t like to fuck. Can we dance. I listened to them and for every second I could only think about your m-suic. I sobbed to death on your chest. when i looked up. i. felt. enchanting. can i sit in your window and whine for ever. you came on my tights. red contrast. flash. you. fucking. dirty. hipster.

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