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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
Sanctuary dust left from the mornings husk
Wheels rolling back into space,
The day fading away,
the night joining the rat race.
Purity struck-en lost souls
Finding meaning in the tall pastures that last.
Tumble rumble
all of the vacant people are falling out of open windows.

Bring back the love, the broom, and the dust pan,
So we can find what's missing beneath the rug.

Stirring up slender inevitable patience
time flowing through the strands of
Platonic dreams making everything seem much more meaningless.
Perpetrators blinding the sea of blatant affairs.
Translucent statues standing still-
in a upheave of a hurricane.
Beautiful creatures selling themselves short
out of vain.

milking the thought behind the blas'e eye.
Cuckoos singing for the blue birds, and Robins
while the crows cry.

Memories being foiled tucked into.

Memories being foiled, stuck in the web of dusty cobwebs.
Innocence being burned at the stake.
Wine spilling on the sheets of flower beds.
Toadstools drifting down from China into the lake
Of Contance.

Memoirs stolen from lovers and sold to fools

Gold becoming worthless to sacred jewels.

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