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'They call me Stacey, they call me 'her,' they call me Jane, that's not my name.' -The Ting Tings
Many people think that someone they know look like they are better suited for another name. One study set out to find the correlation between faces and name but found none. It's a great example of a null result finding where it turns out there is not much of an association between the two variables, but the result is still interesting:

From the Abstract: "We often feel that people’s first names suit their faces in some way. Evidence has already shown that we share common stereotypes about how people with particular names should look. Here, we investigate whether there is any accuracy to these beliefs. Simply, can we match people’s names to their faces? Across two experiments, we tested whether American (Experiment 1) and British participants (Experiment 2) were able to match the first names of strangers with photographs of their faces. Although Experiment 1 provided some initial support for accuracy in female participants, we were unable to replicate this result in Experiment 2. Therefore, we find no overall evidence to suggest that particular names and faces are associated with each other."

Read the full article here:

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