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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
I've been asked a few questions by some experienced Word Arc users about member ownership rights to the content posted on here. So I thought I should clarify for everyone here that you do hold all rights to what you post.

People may be wondering this due to the concern over the new Terms of Service on Facebook over the rights to own your content. On WordArc, if you check our ToS you'll see it says you own all rights to the work you share. But this is not the case with Facebook. On Facebook, their Terms of Service say what you chose to set as "public" or to share with others outside your friend's network "automatically" means that you've granted them the right to use their work.

But to take advantage of the fact that you have many friends on Facebook, you can do what I do. You can advertise links to your articles on WordArc to Facebook. That way, the content stays on Word Arc (where your rights are) and your friends get to see the link on Facebook. This can be done automatically, whenever you post on WordArc, by sharing your own personal WordArc RSS url (that you have inside your profile) and placing it on your Facebook page by clicking here. This means that you will be able to keep the rights to all your writing while still being able to share it with your friends.



hey, um, alamir, how do I change my profile details, settings, etc on here?
It always says OOPS, and what not. I really can't stand my picture, it's not doing anything for me.



Hmm.. it seems to work fine on my side. It may be due to a super-large image you're trying to upload, or javascript is not enabled on your browser.

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