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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
French rock can sometimes be an oxymoron. How can such a beautiful language with all its L-sounds, ooohs, and ahhhs ever convey the angst filled lyrics rock songs deserve? I usually find myself having to filtering way more French rock than I have to do with English rock. Sometimes a band will have an amazing song, but when I go to hear the rest of the album it falls into the same trap as all other French songs: Angry music sung in a beautiful language.
Nevertheless, there are some bands that manage to pull of the language with the music in some incredible feat that can rarely be replicated. And to save you loads of time, here is a list of three great modern French rock songs distinguished by their tempo.

Ultra Orange et Emmanuelle.

Slow Tempo: I'm going to cheat right from the start of this list with this French band and play a song by them which is sung in English with their French songs. The reason I thought I'd introduce these guys first is because you won't be immediately put off by a language you might not speak fluently. But they're French, it's rock, and the song is pretty good. It's called "Don't Kiss Me Goodbye" by Ultra Orange et Emmanuelle:

The Little Rabits.

Medium Tempo: This band, despite their English name, are a French group from the 80s called, "The Little Rabbits." If you like bands like "My Bloody Valentine" which were from the same era then these guys may appeal to you. This sung by an "American Girl" entitled "Ma Femme Americaine" so maybe you can understand parts of it.

Yannick, the main member of 'Le Husky'

Fast Tempo: Lastly, "Le Husky" is probably one of my favourite French bands, yet for some reason they're not that well received in French culture. I suspect it might be due to the overly simplified lyrics and muffled singing, but who cares when you can barely understand the language? But to be fair, I think their lead singer has a lot to say despite the simple lyrics in an almost child like way. The song I'm playing here for you is titled "Mourir comme un chien" which is a demo release, which I like more than the produced version. That doesn't mean his release was over-produced, but because his album took over a year to finally make I had all that time to listen to his demo song and enjoy the raw quality of it.

If you liked what you heard then please tell me so in the comments because I'm always looking to share French rock with people. This goes especially for Le Husky, because no matter who I've played them for, no one seems to enjoy it.

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