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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
You can now purchase a computer in Canada with Ubuntu pre-installed. I'm not a big fan of Dell, but hopefully this will make other PCs consider pre-installing Linux on their comps...which will make comps that much more powerful (and cheaper)

"Dell has finally started selling systems with Ubuntu preinstalled here in Canada" says a Dell representative.

" We’re introducing Ubuntu 7.10-based Dell systems in Canada and Latin America. Beyond that, we’re introducing the Inspiron 1525n to customers in the United States. Like Daniel mentioned earlier this week, the 1525n is already available to customers in the U.K., Spain, France and Germany. All of these systems will include built-in DVD playback capability."

In addition, the Inspiron 1525 laptop can also be purchased with Ubuntu now. I’ve used a friend’s similar Inspiron 1520 and it works great with Ubuntu.

" Earlier today, we added the Inspiron 1525 notebook to our family of Ubuntu products. And as with our other systems shipping Ubuntu 7.10, Dell is including built-in DVD playback capabilities so that you can get the most out of your new Dell."

At the moment, the Inspiron 1525, XPS M1330, and Inspiron 530 are available in Canada (but not the Inspiron 1420). All that’s missing is a higher-end desktop."

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